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RM of Cartier, RM of St, Fancois Xavier, RM of Headingly
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Welcome to the C.a.S.H. emergency prepardness site for the Rural Municipalities of Cartier, St Francois Xavier and Headingley .
The C.a.S.H. Emergency Measures Office is dedicated to providing residents with the best integrated emergency management system available. On this site, you will find links to important downloads to protect your home, family and work place, as well as what the Province of Manitoba is doing for you.

At Home and At Work

Individuals, Families and Work Places are important to the RM in the emergency management process since most emergencies will have an effect at the individual level first. There are a number of steps that can be taken to prevent, prepare and respond to an emergency in order to limit the seriousness of the effects an emergency can have in your daily lives.

We all have a responsibility to prepare for emergencies. At home, this requires an understanding of everyone's unique needs, supplies to take care of yourself for a period of at least 72 hours, that's 3 days, while emergency workers help those in urgent need. Also required are detailed plans on what you will do if there is an emergency. At work, your emergency planning should include procedures to deal with a disruption, and an understanding of how specific hazards would impact your business.

Manitoba's unique geography and varied climates results in a wide range of potential hazards. Know your area and learn how you can prepare for all types of emergencies. The best offense is a strong defence. Prepare various emergency plans so you and your family are ready for anything.

For more information or if you wish to participate In preparing your community, contact:

Municipal Emergency Measures Coordinator
Mitch McCormick
Assistant Municipal Emergency Coordinator
Karen Timchuk
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